On-Site, In-House Counsel Service 
For Small Businesses in St. Louis and Surrounding Counties.

The Fishman Law Firm Provides "In-House General Counsel" Services at the business premises of the client. 
We can make your legal business needs more cost effective than using a conventional law firm.

Our Small Business legal group and corporate "In-House General Counsel" system is an invaluable resource for company of any size, especially one starting out in today's unique business enivironment. We deal with daily legal issues of running the company and serve as the line of prevention when it comes to making business decisions that may have legal consequences. As a business owner, you need an experienced business and litigation lawyer you can count on to handle your company's business and legal issues. We developed the "In-House General Counsel" system of practice with the goal of providing business clients with critical corporate legal services replicating the methods, approach and style of a big firm in-house legal department.

As a company grows, the complexities of its business activities also begin to increase. Contract negotiations, mergers, acquisitions, compliance concerns and regulatory issues become necessary but complicated endeavors in a company's growth. As a result, it has become more common for mid-sized businesses to consider adding an "in-house" legal department or general counsel.

In the same regard, in-house general counsel can assist a company in any industry and reduce its future legal costs by spotting potential legal problems before they occur. The role of a general counsel also can include preparation and guidance during corporate restructuring, conflict resolution, litigation, or handling employee and human resources issues.

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